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Merry Christmas 2017 🎄🎄🎄

Merry Christmas, beautiful world! The cookies are ready, the shopping is long done, the spirit is here and we are ready to celebrate!

I wish you the blessings of health, happiness, joy, love, prosperity and warmth! I hope your inner light never goes out! I wish you well-being and peace of mind! Have a wonderful Holiday season and consume everything in moderation 😉

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5 Words I Love

Every word, that exists, brings up a certain emotion or no emotion at all. Our brains react to the words we use and hear. Everyone has different levels of comprehension of the same words, which depend on their knowledge, social surroundings, upbringing and personal experience. Even a word like “happy” would bring different pictures to one’s mind. It all depends on how a person sees and understands happiness. Some would feel stronger emotions, others milder, but all would feel something.

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Serious Mistakes I Made While Blogging

Hello, beautiful and enormous blogging world!

I made my first blog in Blogger – Blogspot in 2009. I was very excited, even though I had no idea what blogging was or how to blog. I still don’t have, but back then I was a complete rookie. I even didn’t use any type of social media in 2009.

I remember making blogs here on WordPressCom as well. All my blogs had the same destiny – they would soon be killed by me, because I had no idea what to do with them. I was excited to choose a template/theme, create a beautiful header, add a caption and then I would stare at the blank screen.

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The Little Things That Bug You Are Your Happiness

It could be solely my Anxiety Disorder, but I often suspect that I also have some kind of other irregularity. I, sometimes, get too wound up about small, tiny, little things. I lied. I get wound up about little things often. And I nag. I am a woman and I nag a lot. Not all the time, but when I do I do.

My brain cannot be overwhelmed. And it can feel overwhelmed by anything. Because of Anxiety, I need to have clear idea of things – what is going to happen, when, how. Even if I go out for a walk and coffee. Anxiety has totally robbed me of the joy of surprises and the unknown.

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Is There Dignity in Working as a Cleaner?

I saw a movie the other day, a Russian melodrama, about a young woman, who loses her father and then becomes homeless due to fraud. She also loses her right to study and a room in the university dormitory because of a bureaucratic mistake. It is one of the many movies produced nowadays about the struggles of young women who come to the big city. Anyway, while on the street with nowhere to go, upset and cold and sitting under the rain, a woman approaches her and invites her to the place she stays at. It turns out this woman is a foreign worker and her job, as that of the other women in the apartment, is to clean. They clean offices, flats, houses, etc.

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Christmas Season – A Trip Back To Childhood

Christmas! It’s almost here again! And a secret door in my heart is being unlocked. A door, that stays locked during most time of the year. I probably feel shy and embarrassed to open it in other times. It is the door to childhood, when you can let the inner child run freely. Most time of the year I need to adult and I rarely let myself be joyful and genuinely happy as only little children can. A silly thing, that most adults do.

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The Phantom Of The Opera (2004 movie)

Dear Friends, I have always used public domain images in my posts. Movies and books require works, most of which are copyrighted and as I don’t yet fully understand the nature of “Fair Use”, I am abstaining from using original posters and covers, that are copyrighted. Thank you!

phantom of the Opera illustration

By André Castaigne [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Phantom of the Opera (2004). Somehow that movie/musical passed me by at the time it first appeared on the big screen.I had no idea who Gerard Butler was at that time, and I hadn’t yet read the novel. I knew there was a musical and I knew the songs/pieces in it were great. And that was all. The whole idea of the Phantom was vague in my mind. I thought it was a horror story of some kind and felt no interest to learn more.

Probably, it has happened to you, to have something lingering somewhere at the side of your mind, you know it is there, but you have no desire neither to let it in to learn more, nor does it bother you to send it away. And then, at some unexpected moment, you stumble upon this thing, learn it deeper and it blows your mind.

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The Phantom Of The Opera by Gaston Leroux

Phantom Of The Opera

© Wikimedia Commons

Title in English: The Phantom Of The Opera
Original Title: Le Fantôme de l’Opéra
Author: Gaston Leroux
Genre: Gothic Fiction

MY DAUGHTER LOVES to sing and she sings well. She was singing the same songs over and over again. I suggested she sings something new and played “The Phantom of the Opera” for her.

At that time I only knew there was a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am not sure I knew there was a novel, that inspired it.

I always felt attracted to “The Phantom of the Opera” theme song. It gave me mixed feelings of awe and unbearable sadness, so I would not listen to it often.

The version, my daughter learned to sing, was the one from 2004 movie with Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler could sing? And amazingly at that! I didn’t even know.

Listening to this piece again and again, I decided to read the novel. I read it in Russian translation.

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Where Do Talent And Genius Live?

music, musician, art, talentThe other day I was watching some last year recordings of the performances of a young woman at a musical format show. Everyone knows X-factor. I watched other peoples’ auditions too and many were good, but this woman was brilliant. I was mesmerized by her voice, her looks, her behavior. She was born with what we call “class”.

I started thinking and wondering: where does talent come from? Real talent. The talent that makes you a genius. Not just some skills, but enormous talent that turns your soul upside down.

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