Confession: I Am A Blog Hoarder


People have different hobbies. Some collect post stamps, others sing in a choir, go fishing, knit, watch butterflies or do any other activity, that makes them happy. It took me a lot of time to realize, that blogging helps me stay sane and brings me happiness. I have created and deleted many blogs, because I firmly believed, that a person must have one blog only and devote themselves fully.

I would create one, then think of something else, create another one, and the same would repeat until I end up with five or six blogs simultaneously. I saw this as a mistake. I even wrote about this here in The Daily Ounce.

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No Longer Posting Here


I will no longer be using this blog. Somehow it could not become my blog. I blame my name in the blog address. 🙂 I will gradually transfer most post to my new old blog called My Inner Observer. They are old posts (written some time ago), but I will be publishing them in real time as if new. Posts transferred to the other blog will be deleted from here.

Moments We Fill And Moments That Fill Us

Post was originally written on 26 Jan 2016.

Chronologically we live in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds.
Spiritually we live in moments. I divide moments in two categories: moments we fill and moments that fill us.

The recent deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and the very short gap between them, made me think about life and how we live it.

I cannot discuss those people’s personal lives but I know for sure that they brought a lot of light, color and happiness to their numerous fans. They left big imprints behind them with their work, and they might be gone from our physical realm, but they will live forever in our hearts, because they “didn’t die with their music in them“.

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9 Years Living In Cyprus

I am sitting down to write this post without the slightest idea what exactly to write about. Nine years! Nine years since my life has radically changed. Nine years was enough of time to establish a new life.

Nine years ago I had a different life with different habits and routines. Today, I have an already functioning life that had grown its own roots in the new soil. I am using the word “new” only to point the difference. Nothing is new anymore.

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A Year That Begins In February

I am a little late to say this, but better late than never. Happy New 2018 Year, dear world! I was writing and publishing blog posts in my head, but I didn’t have the time to make them a factual reality.

I was thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions the whole of December and January. I knew I would not make a resolutions list. There are things I wish to achieve and change in my life, but I would not want to be disappointed and discouraged at the very beginning of the year.

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A Slight Change In Direction

This post is an announcement. I made some slight changes to this blog. I changed its name to The Daily Ounce. It used to be Victoria Dragomirova Blog. I moved that bit to the tagline.

I obviously have commitment issues. I always feel excited when I start a project and then, somewhere along the way, I get full of doubts. Did I do the right thing? Did I choose the best blog title, site address, etc.

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Merry Christmas 2017 🎄🎄🎄

Merry Christmas, beautiful world! The cookies are ready, the shopping is long done, the spirit is here and we are ready to celebrate!

I wish you the blessings of health, happiness, joy, love, prosperity and warmth! I hope your inner light never goes out! I wish you well-being and peace of mind! Have a wonderful Holiday season and consume everything in moderation 😉

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5 Words I Love

Every word, that exists, brings up a certain emotion or no emotion at all. Our brains react to the words we use and hear. Everyone has different levels of comprehension of the same words, which depend on their knowledge, social surroundings, upbringing and personal experience. Even a word like “happy” would bring different pictures to one’s mind. It all depends on how a person sees and understands happiness. Some would feel stronger emotions, others milder, but all would feel something.

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Serious Mistakes I Made While Blogging

Hello, beautiful and enormous blogging world!

I made my first blog in Blogger – Blogspot in 2009. I was very excited, even though I had no idea what blogging was or how to blog. I still don’t have, but back then I was a complete rookie. I even didn’t use any type of social media in 2009.

I remember making blogs here on WordPressCom as well. All my blogs had the same destiny – they would soon be killed by me, because I had no idea what to do with them. I was excited to choose a template/theme, create a beautiful header, add a caption and then I would stare at the blank screen.

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The Little Things That Bug You Are Your Happiness

It could be solely my Anxiety Disorder, but I often suspect that I also have some kind of other irregularity. I, sometimes, get too wound up about small, tiny, little things. I lied. I get wound up about little things often. And I nag. I am a woman and I nag a lot. Not all the time, but when I do I do.

My brain cannot be overwhelmed. And it can feel overwhelmed by anything. Because of Anxiety, I need to have clear idea of things – what is going to happen, when, how. Even if I go out for a walk and coffee. Anxiety has totally robbed me of the joy of surprises and the unknown.

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