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This blog made some moving between platforms. I originally had it here on WordPressCom under the URL:, which Google indexed quite well, but then silly me decided to move it over at Blogger (Blogspot.Com), because there you can use AdSense.

wordpress comI didn’t spend much time on Blogger, because I started missing the community of WordPressCom. I feel more secure and comfortable here. Blogger does give you much more freedom regarding design and ads, but that is all. I felt lonely and unprotected there.

And I decided to move back. AGAIN! So I transferred my blog and created a new URL:

Anyway, I am here now and will stay. I hope silly me becomes a bit smarter and sticks with her blog.

Happy Blogging to all! 🙂 Namaste


3 Inspiring Quotes to Keep Us Going

Somewhere along the path, we get tired. We get discouraged. We want to give up. Our soul screams of giving up. But we must know that this is temporary.

This will pass. We should not deviate from our path. If we have a dream and a goal, we must keep walking.

happy woman, jump. joy
Difficulties are temporary and unavoidable. There will be difficulties on whatever path we choose – the one to our dream, or the ones life throws at us.

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Is Friendship between a Woman and a Man a Real Thing?

It is difficult for me to believe in friendship in general. I have heard great stories about friendship, I have watched movies, I have read about it. But I have never seen it with my own eyes.

All the friendships, I have ever created, regardless with women or men, went crumbling down, leaving behind them only the firm proof that friendship does not exist in nature.

men, women, friendshipI must tell you, that I am of very naive and romantic nature. I tend to idealize people and I give my 100 per cent in any relationship. I used to give. Not any more. After so many pieces of my heart taken away, I retreated from communication on friendly basis. My closest circle is my family.

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A Super Mom and Woman?

Reminder: This is my very personal opinion. You are free to disagree, but no hair pulling, please. 😀 Just politely state your opinion in the comment section! 😉

Who are the super Moms out there?

They are the women whose children are always neat, taught to behave perfectly, their houses always sparkle. Those women look fantastic, they are in perfect physical shape and are dressed impeccably. They look glamorous from the moment they open their eyes in the morning while still in bed. They are passionate lovers, interesting company. They also are on the top of their careers and specialists like them are hard to find.

mother and daughter walking through a fieldOr wait! Those are the stereotypes movies sell us and we buy them without thinking. We try to keep up, we fail and we stigmatize ourselves as failures. We keep it to ourselves at first, but gradually, with time, when we start communicating closer with other women from our surroundings, we learn the truth – we are not alone in our aspirations and we are not alone in the inability to be perfect everywhere. It is not physically possible.

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To Be Born a Woman

I was born a woman. Is this a curse or a blessing? I didn’t choose it. Not consciously. May be my soul did.

When I was a little girl, I preferred to play and run with boys. Climbing trees and house roofs were among my most favorite activities. Only later I began playing with girls and dolls.

woman, faceI remember a particular period of my childhood, when I dreamed to turn into a boy. There was a belief, circulating among kids, that if you manage to cross under the rainbow, you will change your gender. I never managed to reach a rainbow and I had to accept the fact, that I will remain a girl.

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